Magnus Walker picture of chassis 503 in Los Angeles.

The journey begins. Taking the car right back to bare metal.

Seattle Speedometer are creating our own bespoke dash clock.

503 in paint. The first Slate Grey colour can be seen on the front.

Our first build.

Introducing Mulholland Racer CMR001.


This matching-numbers Porsche 911SWB was built in Germany in 1965, being first registered in the United States on 01.01.1966. As far as we can tell, it led a fairly standard sportscar life until it was bought by Aaron Raine in 1994. He purchased the car from a pro-football player that had originally purchased the car in Dallas when he played for the Dallas Cowboys. When Aaron bought it, the car was in California and that is where it stayed until it came to the UK in 2012.


Aaron, wasn’t looking for an ‘original’ car, so he immediately wanted to make some improvements and make his own mark on the car. His good friend was factory Porsche Driver, Matt McBride, and together they set about making this car a little bit special. The engine builder was a Swiss gentleman that built the 911 race engines in period for ANDIAL, whose career had seen him in F1 with Ferrari and Cosworth.


It was the involvement with the legendary ANDIAL brand that really made this car appeal to me. Dieter himself was involved with the setup of the brakes and changing the brake components. Kevin Kelly at ANDIAL completely rebuilt the transmission for a sports bias and a 9% longer gear for 5th. Whilst the engine is (still) matching numbers, ANDIAL did drop in 2.2 911E pistons, which improves the throttle response.


ANDIAL then lowered the car 40mm to the front and 30mm to the rear with 1.7 deg Neg camber front and 2.7 deg Neg camber to the rear. It was during this work that a 2.7 Carrera crankshaft, and connecting rods were also fitted. The last time it was weighed it was 998kg with spare tyre, tool kit and full tank of fuel. When ANDIAL had it on the scales they said it was the squarest (corner weights) of any street car they had ever weighed. Aaron enjoyed this car right up until 2010 when he sold the car to a certain Magnus Walker in LA.


Being an ex-Magnus Walker car, chassis 503 has become a very valuable car. Magnus had to sort some rust on the car and he also added his signature touches with rally stripes and Minilites wheels being added. Magnus was quoted as saying that 503 was one of the best shifting cars he’s ever driven and that it’s a car he regrets letting go! Well his loss is our gain…


So what are we doing to Chassis 503 to make it a ‘Mulholland Racer’? Well, for a start we are aligning ourselves with one of the most successful and reputable historic Porsche race companies in Europe. Historika are a small business based in East Anglia that compete and build some incredibly notorious race cars. When Porsche Great Britain wanted a SWB race car that would be competitive right out of the box, they went to Historika.


There is too much to list here, but we have taken the car back to bare metal - repairing all shoddy previous bodywork and rust - and had a complete respray. The sensible choice would have been to keep the car in the silver that Magnus had the car, but that wouldn’t be our style. Therefore, with a ‘Mulholland’ racer we felt that our first build had to be in Steve McQueen’s favourite Porsche colour - Slate Grey.


The fabulous 911R has been a big influence - we have a bespoke built 100l fuel tank with centre fill; 911R front bumper; 911R lexan louvred rear windows; 911R side windows with pull-straps, 911R rare deck hinges; half rear cage which is welded to the chassis; lightweight carpets throughout and Cibié spotlights with original covers that came from Japan! The hugely talented chaps at Seattle Speedometer are creating our own Mulholland Racer spec, period correct dash clock and of course it will have Heuer rally dash clocks. Just for when we are back on the Col di Turini.


The suspension and shocks are all replaced with a complete set of immaculate, date stamped Fuchs. The Minilites will wear some track rubber for trackday work. Carbs have been rebuilt, a complete new wiring loom… We will publish a complete spec list when the car is completed.


Before you ask, CMR001 is not for sale - not unless you have a very large sack of money! But, we will build you one… We think we have one of the finest early 911’s in the world, and you could have one too.




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